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The Journal of Young Physicists

committed to popularizing physics and
fostering the growth of young physicists

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The Journal of Young Physicists

a physics blogging site

A young physicist? But, don't you need a PhD to be a physicist? A physicist is some old, crazy professor with thousands of publications. Is that so? No. Any young student can be a physicist. All you need is the Internet (which you do have access to since you're reading this right now) and the urge to explore the most beautiful and fundamental science. So, what's stopping you? Start your journey into the physics world now. Start by reading some of our articles. And if you're inspired, great! You can always write your own physics article and submit to us! Let's get started!

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Cosmic Swirl

Get your physics articles reviewed and published, for free!

We started our journey from July, 2020. And since then we have published over 75 physics articles and formed a team of over 30 young physicists from around the world. We are committed to popularizing physics and fostering the growth of young physicists.

We mainly publish articles on physics for a general audience. Our articles mostly review a known topic in an engaging manner. However, we also publish research articles and blogs. We hope to grow into a leading platform for young students to publish their physics articles one day.
Any young physics enthusiast is eligible to join us. You can also choose not to join our team but be a contributor and submit an article. All submissions we receive go through a plagiarism check and review before publication. Or you can also just read our articles and explore physics.

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Special Article

A Comprehensive Discussion On The Most Exciting Topics In Physics With Arpan Dey

"This is my small gift to you guys for supporting the JYP! In this special article, I discuss some of the most exciting and frequently asked questions in physics, ranging from questions on cosmology and classical physics to quantum mechanics, quantum gravity and chaos theory. There's definitely something in this article for you, regardless of whether you are a high-school student or a physics graduate, or just a science enthusiast. And finally, I'd like to say that everyone of us at the JYP really appreciate your support, and we hope you will always stand with us and help us do our part for physics, and for young physicists!" - Arpan Dey, Founder, The Journal of Young Physicists

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